August 12, 2017: The Opposite of Yoga

So maybe this blog post won’t relate entirely to all things yoga, but it will relate to the current climate of our country and the need for us to take a deeper introspective to self.  In response to the awful happenings in Charlottesville, ask yourself

these questions:  Presently, what do I feel? Presently, what do I read and resonate with? Presently, what

do I dismiss, hold onto, or agree with, or do I choose not to care?  Asking ourselves questions like these after the self-inflicted wound our country is scrambling to bandage is essential in not only our personal growth, but the collective heart health of the greatest country in the world.

To look at the world as a whole, it’s easy to feel as though you are a small working part. In fact you are, but you are still a part. Your very being is here to impact not only the ones closest to you, but every human being you cross paths with. You leave a mark, whether you realize it or not; people listen to your words (mostly) and digest them later. Your impact, compassion, and passion crafts their opinions and reactions to the world. We are a bundle of moving parts, complicated, messy and beautiful. We have intentions to do good, but we are despairingly bad at working together toward that goal!

Think about this. What are some of the first things we teach our toddlers when in a group with others? We teach them to be kind, to offer help, to share when their turn is done, to acknowledge others and respect the emotions of those around them.  We teach them that life, to their dismay, is not solely about their needs. Not a concept the average 3-year-old finds it easy to come to terms with. How do they learn? They learn through modeling, through practice, through guidance, and eventually (thank goodness!) maturity. The white supremacist hatred and exclusion that took place on the streets of Charlottesville is comparable to a group of grown adult toddlers unwilling to adhere to basic human rules. These rules: to respect, to share space, to acknowledge the differences among others, to essentially understand that life is not about your opinion only. These are the same rules that we promise to teach the tiny 7lb. human we hold in our arms. Something happens with these people between age two and beyond. There’s a breakdown in the human foundation, one cinderblock at a time being dislodged, causing an undermined foundation. A foundation that no strong, steady, architecturally sound home could stand upon. When our foundations are compromised, we think we are smart humans—we already know how to fill those crevices that have been created. We justify our disgusting actions and convince ourselves that what we believe is the only true and right way. You might even think that I’m acting a bit self-righteously as I write this blog post. Here’s where the rubber meets the road: If we can’t simply agree that the actions of hate groups are wrong on every level and every extension of that level, we are choosing support forces in our country  intent on moving backwards rather than forwards. We cannot go backwards, that’s not the nature of America.

So what can you do to make your moving part an aid in the healing? Sure, you can go to rallies, write letters to government officials, run for a political seat, the list goes on.  Or, you can choose to practice a present moment awareness mindset. You can pause and breathe in the sadness and choose to react in love and forgiveness. You can be a model of acceptance and you can voice to your children that humans have the ability to do terrible unjust things, but that they also have the ability to do amazing, life-empowering things. When you choose present moment awareness, you choose to model one of the most powerful truths you can live: the truth of yourself. And that truth is the uniqueness in you that the world needs a part of. How many people stroll through life never tapping into their positive power and abilities to better the lives of others?  We were not placed on t

his earth to exclude and segregate. We were placed here to exchange ideas, to inspire and admire the ones among us and the ones who have gone before us.  And please, don’t dismiss the millions of those who fought for this country because they felt deep in their hearts the value of its worth. Choose to live out integrity, wear it proudly, not shamefully,  and speak that truth to the little eyes watching. Because those little eyes see beyond the hateful words and loud jagged voices; they see and feel the energy of darkness being reinforced. Choose to be present, choose to ask your self the tough questions, choose to teach the right truths, choose to embrace and share the gifts you have been given, and most importantly choose to love.



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