A Letter To Our Members

Dear Shore Point Yoga Members,

SPYoga Opening Day!
Twins turn one!
December 5th, 2015

My blog post to you this month comes in the form of a thank you letter. It’s a letter that I consider long overdue. We’ve been open two years this past December 5th. This date is also the birthday of my three year old twins. At the time I didn’t plan to open a yoga studio with a dear friend, on the day they turned one. This time in life was certainly (and still is) messy, busy, and exhausting.  Instead, the studio seemed to open itself. I was just a facilitator.  All pieces aligned eerily into place just weeks prior to our first class. It’s a decision and call I am so grateful I responded to. I remember feeling deep moments of hesitation with questions of how my life would change. A small business; endless daily responsibilities; the tasks of home and kids, could I do it?  And more importantly, could I do it well? Like so many big decisions in life, I leaned entirely into the still, small voice that becomes louder with time when not heeded. I knew that Jenn and I had something great here. We had to do this.

If you are reading this, you are important to us and I hope you fully embrace that word. I promised myself that our studio would be different than others. It would welcome all who walked through our doors with the ease of love and full acceptance. Throughout my years of yoga studio hopping and studying the internal dynamics of each space, I often left feeling disappointed. I wanted to feel as though I belonged, that I could become a part of something even just as a drop-in attendee. The classes were fine, the poses never disappoint, even the teaching was very good. It was that the atmosphere of some of these spaces that didn’t feel quite right.  My fear in opening just another yoga studio was that others would feel this same way and to me that was scary. Because that feeling of isolation and non-acceptance is the exact opposite of yoga

Here is where the “thank you” part comes into play. As I sit here in my favorite coffee shop and trip over the keyboard with shaky fingers because my hands can’t keep up with my thoughts, a wave of gratitude runs through me so fierce.   I have discovered that it is YOU and all the others who have made our studio so distinctly different. I can lead classes, teacher trainings and workshops, hire the best instructors, make flyers, promote,  teach kids’ classes, write paychecks on time, the list is endless!  But, Shore Point Yoga is not about my efficiencies as a business owner, or about any of our fabulous teachers. We are merely the vessels. The ones placed to guide. Shore Point Yoga is about the people, all of you, who have made my space, our space, so perfectly unique.  My admiration for all of you runs so deep! The way you smile and welcome new faces, your words of gratitude after class, your donations towards our community classes, your shares on FB, the messages you send me about a class you enjoyed, the gifts I find unexpectedly on my desk or flowers in front of my storefront, this list too can go on. The humble hearts each one of you brings to your mat is part of the greater energy that has made our little down-the-shore studio a cocoon of love and personal safety. I cannot tell you how many times a teacher or student has said in an observing tone… “This place is just, well, different.” And to me different is so good. Different means we are part of something greater than ourselves.

So thank you for your encouragement, for your understanding when I need a sub because a child is sick or it’s Back To School Night, or simply because I forgot I needed to be somewhere. I personally thank you for supporting my dream as a studio owner and for supporting my mission to bring mindfulness to schools. You see, there’s only so much energy one can put forth themselves. I am so comfortable running on empty that it’s refreshing to feel what running on full means. Thank you, thank you, thank you for fueling me and my studio in the most fulfilling way I can think of. And that is simply YOU on your mat.



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  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    And, my thanks to you, and yours at SPY , for understanding when someone is unable to come for awhile, and can seamlessly return as no time has passed since their last visit. Thank you… Yes, it is a special place that begs you to return to.

  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    WOW Sarah! I keep coming back because of you and your teachers and the welcome feeling of walking into your door and feeling completely a peace with no expectations, of just being me! Thank you!

  3. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Thank YOU for making this space … it is so much more than a physical space to ‘do’ yoga. It is a place to carry with us in our hearts because of you and your crew of awesome instructors.


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