Welcome to Shore Point Yoga

At Shore Point Yoga, we understand that walking into a Yoga studio for the first time can be intimidating. Questions such as “Am I wearing the right outfit?”, “Do I need my own mat?”, or “What if I can’t do a pose?” tumble around your head before walking through the door.  Let us ease your anxiety by saying that beginner students are our specialty! All of our instructors are certified through Yoga Alliance. They understand how to offer modifications for each pose and adjustments throughout your practice. Our goal is to offer you a space to retreat so you can explore your practice at your own level with like-minded people.  

Whether you are making a brand new life-style change or discovering a new place to practice, we want you to feel as though this is a place to grow, increase flexibility and strength and let go of inhibitions. But yoga is so much more than creating physical strength and flexibility in the body (though they are both wonderful benefits!). It is also a way to reset, calm the central nervous system and strengthen the immune system. Allow our safe and friendly environment to welcome you. 

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!